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Designer Kitchen benchtops Sydney at Affordable Price! Looking for premium quality benchtops to complement your new kitchen?

Aussie Stone Tech are Sydney's leading supplier of quality stone & laminated benchtops. We supply and install an extensive range of kitchen benchtops Sydney at affordable prices. We can help you achieve your dream kitchen with stylish, durable and affordable kitchen benchtops Sydney that suit your style and your budget.

Sydney is renowned for our art, culture, food, fashion, design and love for coffee – and who doesn't want that in their home? For those of us that want a touch of Sydney style in our kitchens, you can trust the team that is inspired by all things Sydney. Whether you are after a stone that reflects our rich architectural history or whether you are just after somewhere to rest your coffee machine, Aussie Stone Tech has the perfect stone for your dream Sydney kitchen benchtop.


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We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing all types of granite, marble and stone benchtops throughout Sydney. We have many years of experience so you can trust us with your feature benchtop.

It's everyone's dream to have a perfect kitchen that reflects their personality and makes them happy. However, designing and redecorating a kitchen can prove to be a tedious and stressful job. This is why; we take it upon ourselves to style your kitchen the way you want. With our stone kitchen benchtops installation in Sydney and our wide range of kitchen interior products, we make sure that your kitchen is beautiful and functional.

We don't only offer stone benchtop installation in Sydney but we cover every aspect of your kitchen renovation Sydney. We make your benchtop the star of the kitchen so it stands out and make the space look luxurious. Our experienced consultants come over to your space to take measurements of the benchtop and to discuss the options with you. By choosing us, you can go as affordable or as luxurious as you want.

When it comes to installation, our stonemasons are capable of intricate work. They cut the stones to perfect shapes and sizes to custom design stone for you. During the installation process, we only use the best quality glue out there to make your Sydney benchtop stones as reliable and durable as possible. If you want more information about our kitchen stones or want to hire us, just give us a call at (02) 89 590 985.

Kitchen renovations in Sydney adopt a variety of layouts but the U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens are very popular. Homeowners often add an island bench to their kitchen design, apart from proving additional bench-space, it acts as a space around which family-members and friends can socialise. Each layout has its own pros and cons according to your style, budget, and lifestyle.

Your style preference, lifestyle and budget will influence your choices. However, think about how frequently you use the kitchen. If you are “serious cook”, it is worth considering a heat and scratch resistant surface like granite or quartz. While laminate does not necessarily provide the same level of durability, it is economical, highly versatile, and is available in a wide range of colours and patterns, so you are sure to find one that perfectly complements the style of your home.

Before the stone is cut, the stonemasons will create a stencil of your benchtop to accurately measure and plan the layout. Like a good game of Tetris, they will try to make the best use of space by arranging the pieces snuggly onto the slab area. If they can fit the pieces onto one slab instead of two, they usually will. This will save you money and reduce wastage which is always a good thing.

For all types of Sydney benchtop surfaces (Neolith, natural stone and engineered stone) generally a clean, damp cloth will do the trick. For more stubborn stains, use a few drops of non-bleach, non-abrasive, neutral PH stone cleaner (available at most hardware stores like bunnings), or a small amount of mild liquid dishwashing detergent mixed with warm water. For best results, use a clean rag mop on floors and a soft cloth for other surfaces.

Production of your Sydney stone benchtop usually takes 5-10 working days from final check measure (templating), in some cases we can do it sooner than this. However, during busy times there may be a longer wait than usual. Our estimators will let you know our current lead times at the time of quoting. If timing is critical on your job, please let us know during the quoting stage and we'll advise whether it is achievable before we proceed.

Normally the best person to install the benchtop is the stonemason that created it, however if you'd prefer to use your own installer, you can. Simply specify on your quote request and we'll give you a supply only price.

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We are proud to serve every individual. Aussie Stone Tech takes the time to understand your desires. Whether it be a small kitchen renovation or brand new block of units, we are here to satisfy your needs.
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Aussie stone tech were great to deal with and very well priced compared to others I had. The quality is impeccable and the installation was a breeze. I highly recommend the team here. PS go the leather finish, it brilliant and a talking piece amongst all my friends.

Issy Jobson

The team at Aussie Stone Tech are great to work with and service offered is 100%. The quality of the stone produced is outstanding. I highly recommend Patrick and the team.

Mark Lawton

Aussie Stone Tech we’re so helpful. Their service was excellent and their workmanship outstanding. Thank you for a great job and trouble free experience!

Sally Flanagan

Would recommend Scotty and Paul. Quick hassle free turnaround and they did a great job installing our bench tops

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Quartzite is a natural stone who’s hardness offers an incredible aesthetic with dependable quality. As a decorative stone, its growing popularity among designers and architects alike makes sense for (among other things) benchtops and bathroom-tops. More resilient to stains, quartzite Sydney is a top choice for people seeking style and practicality, durability and hard-wearing surfaces.

Quartzite is most commonly used as a kitchen benchtop. Quartzite is also perfect for splashbacks, cabinetry, bathrooms, vanities, walls, floors, furniture, fireplaces, barbecue areas, outdoor cladding and facades. Aussie Stone Tech has an extensive range of Quartzite from around the globe. In Sydney, Taj Mahal, Mont Blanc and Emerald Haze are the most sough-after styles.


Marble has been the pinnacle of elegance for centuries. Marble is a Natural Sydney Stone that is sought-after around the globe for its elegant veining and luxury aura. Sydney Marble is a softer and more delicate stone that and may be prone to etching. Most commonly, Marble is white, grey or black; although, it can also be pink, green, brown or gold.

Marble is perfect for the kitchen benchtop Sydney, splashbacks Sydney and cabinetry cladding. Being softer, Marble is ideal for intricate designs and sculpting. Aussie Stone Tech has an extensive range of Marble from around the globe. In Sydney, Calacatta, Carrara and Elba are the most sought-after styles.


Granite is a natural masterpiece that has stood the test of time. Sydney Granite is a Natural Stone that is extremely hard and durable. Due to its chemical properties, Granite is resistant to abrasion, impacts and is less prone to scratching, etching and weathering. Granite is most commonly black, white, pink or grey; although, it can be blue, green, brown or red.

Due to Granite's durability and resistance to scratching and etching, it is perfect for benchtops Sydney. Granite is also ideal for bathrooms, flooring, wall cladding, fireplaces, barbecue areas and outdoor flooring. Aussie Stone Tech supplies an extensive range of Granite with green, pink, grey, black and white being the most popular. Sydney’s most favoured Granite is Cosmic Black – a black stone with an elegant, gold veining.


Fast becoming the new standard in stone benches Sydney, Dolomite has become a popular alternative to Marble and Granite. Dolomite is a Natural Stone that is often slightly harder than Marble, however it is not as strong as Quartzite or Granite. Dolomite is typically a white or grey stone with some variations featuring light brown.

Dolomite’s chemical properties make it ideal for kitchen benchtops Sydney and splashbacks Sydney. Dolomite can also be used in bathrooms, vanities, floors, feature walls, cabinetry and furniture applications. Currently, Super White Dolomite is the most sought-after Dolomite in our range. This elegant, natural masterpiece has been featured in some of the most luxurious projects in Sydney.


Limestone is ideal for creating texture, depth and contrast. Sydney Limestone is a Natural Stone Sydney that is soft and subtle. With a unique veining pattern, Limestone portrays a rich texture that engulfs any space. Limestone’s sought-after veining can range from striking to gentle.

Limestone has become extremely popular in kitchens. Often used as wall cladding and flooring in bathrooms, Sydney Limestone is also suited to vanities and cabinetry cladding. Aussie Stone Tech supplies an extensive range of Limestone with light grey being the most popular. Sydney’s most favoured Limestone is New Savior and Portsea Grey.

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